VAPOR Tutorials

Video walkthroughs covering three of VAPOR's renderers

A series of three YouTube videos that walk the user through the process of visualizing WRF Hurricane data. The user will learn how to use the Volume Renderer, Isosurface, and Flow Line tools using publicly available example data.

Visualize Hurricane Katrina

An in-depth written tutorial, visualizing a WRF-ARW simulation of Hurricane Katrina making landfall during August 29-31, 2005.  The data follows Katrina, illustrating the initial impact and the subsequent dissipation after the system moves northward.

Using NCL/WRF with VAPOR

A tutorial on how to incorporate the NCAR Command Language (NCL) with VAPOR to construct plots from WRF data, and apply them within a 3D domain.

A basic familiarity with NCL and VAPOR may be helpful to the reader, but not required for this tutorial.

XSEDE Training Webinar (2016)

Korean Supercomputing Conference (2014)

Korean Supercomputing Conference (2012)

Obsolete Tutorials (pre VAPOR 2.4.0)